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We invest in companies that are resilient and focussed on generating significant profits together with significant climate positive outcomes.

Kilara Growth Fund (KGF)

KGF is Australia’s first small-mid cap, impact focused investment fund supporting private market investments in the transition to a low carbon economy.

  • KGF leverages Kilara's proprietary platform to source best-in-class impact investment opportunities.
  • KGF reached Final Close 30 June 2022, and is currently deploying capital.
  • KGF aims to deliver outsized risk-adjusted returns for investors by actively managing exposure to sectors, customer-type and technology risk whilst taking a strategic approach to supporting portfolio companies.

If you would like to hear more about KGF, please reach out through our contact page. KGF is for wholesale investors and we welcome inquiry from investors and advisers.

Our Approach

We partner with scalable small to medium businesses, with proven track records in their sector, to deliver sustainable returns to our partners and investors.

The Kilara Growth Fund focuses on companies where deep sustainability is embedded in products, culture and governance. We see opportunities to unlock value creation, market penetration and sales growth by aligning capital with the evolving social and environmental needs of society. Through the re-investment of profits, we hope to accelerate the transition towards the new normal.

Investment Criteria

We believe that profit and purpose aren’t mutually exclusive; sustainable profits can drive positive change and deliver meaningful outcomes for society as a whole.

We seek founders and managers who understand this commitment to community and planet and are able to position their businesses to capture evolving consumer trends.

We believe that sustainable business practices build deep and trusted relationships with stakeholders and result in lower risk companies with durable competitive advantages. Our partnership approach ensures interests are aligned between shareholders, founders and managers from investment to exit.

If you have an investment opportunity which fits the following criteria, please contact our Chief Investment Officer, Dougal McOmish at

What kind of business do we look for?
  • VC to growth stage
  • Privately owned
  • Deep sustainable focus
  • Proven track-record
  • Clear expansion plan
How do we invest?
  • Significant minority to majority shareholding
  • Equity and preferred equity
How do we partner?
  • Board seats and governance
  • Support founders with domain expertise, networks and resources
  • Strategy development and support
  • Acquisitions and exit structuring
Investment Sectors

The Fund will focus on four key sectors which address climate change and drive systemic outcomes in global production and consumption patterns. These key sectors are as follows:

Energy Transformation
Circular Economy
Future Food
Environmental Markets
Kilara Platform Investments

See below some examples of our recent investments into industry leaders.

If you would like to hear more about these investments or how to invest in Kilara Growth Fund, please reach out through our contact page.


Wattwatchers is a digital energy technology platform enabling fast, powerful, scalable solutions to monitor, analyses and control electrical circuits in real time through the cloud.

Visit website

JET Charge

JET Charge is Australia’s leading electric vehicle charging installer for households, apartments, shopping centres, car parks and public charging. They are leading the way in developing hardware and software solutions to help integrate EV charging into the electricity grid, from energy management, to smart charging, to electricity grid transforming demand response and vehicle to grid.

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Grounded Packaging

Grounded Packaging is building a data driven packaging procurement and management platform to allow businesses to transition away from fossil-based, virgin plastics and into sustainable alternatives.

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Tasman Environmental Markets

Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) enables consumers and corporates to connect with highly credible and verified land-based carbon projects. It provides carbon trading, portfolio structuring and technology-enabled API’s for corporates to manage their carbon liabilities.

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Loliware Inc

Loliware is an advanced materials company and a global leader in seaweed-based bio resins. They are developing a portfolio of bioplastic materials derived from regenerative, carbon-capturing, ocean-farmed seaweed that replace single use plastics at scale using existing manufacturing infrastructure.

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Mosa Meat

Mosa Meat is a global leader in the development of clean meat production via cell-based cultures, with their products mitigating significant environmental costs associated with the current meat industry and democratize access to high protein diets for a growing global population.

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Amber Electric

Amber Electric offers direct access to real time wholesale electric prices for a fixed monthly fee, whilst unlocking an entirely new market for smart devices and optimisation services.

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Climate Friendly

Climate Friendly is a carbon farming project developer under the $2.5b Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). With more than 100 projects nationwide, Climate Friendly has seen huge improvements in land health and regeneration, and over 7m tonnes of carbon saved from being emitted into the atmosphere since 2015.

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