Kilara Infrastructure Solutions

We help our clients unlock the potential of new clean energy and natural refrigeration technologies, driving commercial and sustainability outcomes in the process.

About Kilara Infrastructure Solutions

Our energy system is undergoing major transformation. So too is the refrigeration industry. Advances in technology are driving significant changes to the ‘cooling economy’ and to the way in which we produce, manage and consume power. For industries with a reliance upon energy intensive cooling technologies, this presents significant opportunity.  

Kilara, has emerged at this time of rapid change, as a reliable partner to industry, bringing services and solutions - along with the capital to make it happen.

Our Mission

To help accelerate the transition to ‘net zero’ within Australia’s ‘cooling economy’.

Energy and Refrigeration as a Service (ERAS)

Via our Infrastructure Solutions business, we provide end-to-end services in industrial refrigeration solutions deployment, solar PV and energy storage. This includes the design, construction, ownership and long-term operation of assets in a business model we call Energy and Refrigeration as a Service. Our approach is based on enabling clients to avoid the upfront capital costs and ongoing operational responsibility whilst receiving the benefit of guaranteed, low-cost power and refrigeration.

At Kilara, we help our clients unlock the potential of new energy and refrigeration technologies. We help businesses take control of uncertainty when it comes to power prices and energy security. We also deliver outcomes that assist in reducing our customers’ electricity use and their emissions profile.

You can learn more by watching the explainer video below.

Our Process

Feasibility Assessments

Through an initial process of consultation with you, we undertake a needs analysis based on current and future plans within your business. Informed by this analysis, we will then undertake an assessment of the technical requirements and feasibility of solar, storage and refrigeration solutions at your site. This is done at our own cost and on a ‘no obligations’ basis. 

Project Development and Approvals

In the event that you decide to proceed with the proposed solutions, we will take full responsibility for finalising project development. This includes refrigeration system assembly along with managing all arrangements for structural certifications and other site-based surveys, grid connection and planning permits for the optimum energy solution. 


Given that we are the long-term asset owner, we are driven to ensure that the quality of the assets we build for you are uncompromised – every time we embark on a project. With this mindset and in partnership with our refrigeration and construction partners, Kilara will take responsibility for all aspects of project delivery. In addition to quality, this process prioritises Health and Safety outcomes. 

Operations and Maintenance

Kilara will look after ongoing operations and maintenance of the energy system. We will monitor system performance in real time, respond to issues and events as they arise and facilitate scheduled maintenance as required to ensure optimum system performance leaving you to go about your business. Your refrigeration system will be monitored and controlled remotely and maintained by Cold Logic providing full servicing and 24/7 call out capability.

Value Proposition


We understand the absolute importance of safety within the energy sector and have a culture built around our commitment to the well being of our people and everyone we work with.

Low cost and reliable

Renewable technologies deployed by Kilara represent the lowest cost forms of energy available in the market today. Installed and operated ‘behind the meter’, our energy systems also enable you to avoid substantial fixed costs that are part and parcel of network supplied power

Outsourcing risk and responsibility

The Kilara approach removes any need for you to bring the expertise and know-how around clean energy management in-house.  


The commercial model underpinning our energy supply solutions means that Kilara has ‘skin in the game’. The business is incentivised and driven to ensure positive outcomes.  

Enhance system capability over time

Technology continues to evolve. Kilara makes it its business to stay abreast of the changes in technology and offers a partnership-based approach whereby your energy solutions, where technically feasible, can be enhanced overtime.

Flexible ownership

If it makes commercial sense for you, the system can be purchased after an agreed period of time at a price we pre-set in the Power Purchase Agreement. We will remain committed to ongoing operations and maintenance on your behalf.

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