Kilara Energy

Kilara Energy is a utility scale wind and solar energy developer.

About Kilara Energy

The business brings together the financial strength and resources of the Kilara Group and the skills and experience of Australian renewable energy industry veteran Andrew Thomson, former member of the Board of Directors of the Clean Energy Council and Managing Director of Acciona Energy.

The focus of the business includes:

  • Site origination and landowner relations;
  • Project development including resource monitoring and assessment, site feasibility assessments and design, community - stakeholder relations, development approvals and interconnection, and
  • Project commercialisation including negotiations of connection agreements, equipment selection and tendering, offtake and project finance.

Our Mission

Responding to our Climate Emergency in bringing together proven technical expertise and long-term impact capital to develop utility scale renewable energy.

Having a strong people first approach with teams on the ground understanding and responding to local sensitivities and needs.  Ensuring inclusion and participation of First Nations and rural communities in the project lifecycle.

Experience, Innovation and purpose

Kilara Energy’s activities are underpinned by deep knowledge and experience across the entire project cycle. Backed by patient capital and a long-term mindset, with a business model that is nimble and entrepreneurial, Kilara Energy is well placed to contribute to the continued expansion of Australia’s renewables industry.

Kilara’s strategically placed investments in emerging energy technology companies and grid transformation (for example; Watt Watchers & Amber) provide a strong platform from which to blend innovation with experience. Moreover, our extensive partnerships across industry along with the guidance and support of key advisors ensures diversity in skills, insights and experience needed to successfully advance our mission.

Our commitment to Best Practice

Kilara Energy is committed to honouring the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter in our renewable energy projects.

Our Projects


Wilan Wind Farm is located within the Southwest Renewable Energy Zone, in an area with strong wind resources and very low population density being located across 16,000 Ha of pastoral lands used for sheep and cattle grazing.

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Complaints Handling Policy

Kilara Energy is committed to addressing and resolving stakeholder enquiries and complaints
promptly and transparently. We view each complaint as an opportunity for improvement and aim to
resolve issues to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Our approach includes managing complaints in a fair, accountable, and transparent way, ensuring
non-discrimination and fair treatment for all individuals, and communicating clearly throughout the
complaint resolution process.

We have established guiding principles to ensure visibility, accessibility, responsiveness, fairness,
consideration, confidentiality, and continual improvement in our complaints-handling process.

Our comprehensive complaints and enquiries handling procedure comprises six key steps: receiving,
acknowledging, validating, investigating, resolving, and closing complaints.

We strive to address complaints within ten business days of receipt and inform complainants of our

If a complaint cannot be resolved within this timeframe, we will provide you with updates and aim to
resolve complex complaints within 28 business days. Unsatisfied complainants can escalate their
concerns to a higher level at Kilara Capital (Corporate) or pursue resolution through the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner (AEIC).

We welcome feedback on our Complaints and Enquiries Handling Policy and are dedicated to
continual improvement to better serve our stakeholders.

To read our full policy, please use this link.

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