Creating investment opportunities and sustainable infrastructure solutions on the path towards a zero carbon future.

Who we are

Comprising 3 distinct business lines including venture capital, energy and infrastructure solutions.

We invest in deeply sustainable businesses across four key themes including future foods, circular economy, energy transformation and environmental markets. We are project developers and asset managers focused on advancing the build-out of utility scale renewable energy assets alongside the development of bespoke, zero emissions infrastructure solutions to businesses invested in the ‘cooling economy’.


Kilara recently established its Growth Fund to target small to medium sized companies which generate significant climate positive outcomes, together with outsized commercial returns.

The Kilara Growth Fund (KGF) has been specifically designed to target companies with a proven business model, nearing or achieving profitability and is a point of entry for wholesale investors seeking exposure to climate smart investment opportunities.

KGF reached Final Close 30 June 2022, and is currently deploying capital.

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Kilara Energy

Kilara Energy is a developer of utility scale wind and solar projects.

With deep experience in every stage of the project cycle together with the financial strength and resources of the Kilara Group, we’re well placed to contribute to Australia’s energy transition.

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Kilara Infrastructure Solutions

Kilara Infrastructure Solutions helps its clients invested in the ‘cooling economy’ unlock the potential of new energy and refrigeration technologies.

We provide end-to-end services in industrial refrigeration solutions deployment, solar PV and energy storage. This includes the design, construction, ownership and long-term operation of assets in a business model we call Energy and Refrigeration as a Service.

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