Kilara is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning ‘permanent, always there’. This forms part of our investment philosophy and approach to delivering long term regenerative environmental outcomes. Kilara is a project developer and investment manager, dedicated to providing investment opportunities that provide a commercial return together with carbon drawdown and emission reduction outcomes. Kilara has established its Food & Agriculture platform to develop a portfolio of real assets and private equity businesses capable of sustainably feeding the growing global population and contributing to a significant reduction in global emissions via carbon sequestration and other initiatives.

Kilara Capital

Our vision is to transform food & energy production and distribution into a resilient, regenerative, safe and ecologically responsible system.

It is critical that we deploy as much capital as possible in order to transition our economy away from a carbon based framework. We focus on soil, water and energy as three key infrastructure assets, which can drive investor returns and deliver meaningful environmental impacts.

Behind Kilara sits the proven track record of two well-credentialed and strongly committed family offices, distinguished by their forbears’ vision and hard work as well as their hard-won historical understanding of sustainable risk and reward.

Our results are supported by innovative thinking and solutions driven strategies.

Kilara provides a unique point of entry for qualified investors in sustainable food production, regenerative agriculture, renewable energy and water in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Roots

Kilara has evolved and is underpinned by the experience and achievements of two prominent Australian family offices:

5 Pillars Capital

5 Pillars Capital is a private family office with a focus on deploying capital (traditional equity, catalytic and philanthropic) into investment opportunities which promote change and positive outcomes for society and the natural environment.

5 Pillars is owned and operated by Cassy Liberman (third generation Liberman Family) and Ben Krasnostein (third generation Smorgon Family).

5 Pillars is built around 5 key philosophical Pillars that inform all decisions;

  1. Family
  2. Passion
  3. Impact
  4. Legacy, and
  5. Growth

Pillars invests in a number of impact verticals including; sustainable aquaculture, renewable energy infrastructure, energy tech, green buildings and cities, regenerative agriculture & horticulture and sustainable food production.


Colindale is a private family office with a focus on deploying capital into a diverse range of real assets and private equity investments, including food, agriculture and renewable energy within the Asia Pacific region.

Colindale is owned and operated by the Cosh family, who are direct descendants of the Michell family and via GH Michell & Sons, one of Australia’s most iconic family owned agribusinesses. Colindale has over 100 years of investment and management experience in agricultural asset development and production management, downstream processing, supply chain management, international trade and finance. 

Andy Cosh had an extensive professional career within the Michell group, including significant international business, trade and business / asset management experience in Asia, India and Europe.

Since 2013, Andy has led the Colindale direct investment strategy and is a Director and member of the Investment Committee for the Colindale Group. 

In recent years, Colindale has actively engaged in the development of a global network of private family office relationships and continues to engage with like-minded investors seeking access to impact oriented opportunities in food, agriculture and renewable energy within Australia.

Colindale operates under a clear charter to act as responsible stewards of the family’s long term capital and seeks to uphold the core values and reputation of both past and current generations.

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