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We develop and grow projects and businesses for a resilient economy. In doing so we deliver measurable positive outcomes for our investors and society.

Our Approach

We partner with scalable small to medium businesses, with proven track records in their sector, to deliver  sustainable returns to our partners and investors.

Our Kilara Ventures investment unit focuses on companies where deep sustainability is embedded in products, culture and governance. We see opportunities to unlock value creation, market penetration and sales growth by aligning capital with the evolving social and environmental needs of society. Through the re-investment of profits, we hope to accelerate the transition towards the new normal.

Investment Criteria

We believe that profit and purpose aren’t mutually exclusive; sustainable profits can drive positive change and deliver meaningful outcomes for society as a whole.

We seek founders and managers who understand this commitment to community and planet and are able to position their businesses to capture evolving consumer trends.

We believe that sustainable business practices build deep and trusted relationships with stakeholders and result in lower risk companies with durable competitive advantages. Our partnership approach ensures interests are aligned between shareholders, founders and managers from investment to exit.

What kind of business do we look for?

Late VC to growth stage
Privately owned
Deep sustainable focus
Proven track-record
Clear expansion plan

How do we invest?

Significant minority to majority shareholding
$10-$50m cheque size
Debt, equity and hybrid structures

How do we partner?

Board seats and governance
Support founders with domain expertise, networks and resources
Strategy development and support
Acquisitions and exit structuring

If you have an investment opportunity which fits these criteria please reach out through the link below.
Our Focus Sectors

We have identified the following sectors as early-adopters of truly disruptive products and technology which promote a more sustainable future. There exists a generational shift in attitudes towards responsible consumption which presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for businesses and investors alike.

Consumer Brands
Circular Economy
Clean Energy
Environmental Markets
Select Investments

See below some examples of our recent investments into industry leaders. If you would like to hear more about these investments or other opportunities Kilara Ventures is working on please reach out through our contact page.


TEM was established in 2014 in recognition of the growing demand for a sophisticated services provider that connects environmentally orientated consumer markets with charismatic high impact carbon offset projects. The founders and team have 60 years of experience and deep insights into global carbon markets and were active in carbon origination, carbon procurement, carbon risk management and marketing insights for both compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

“We welcome the involvement of Kilara and the syndicate of investors as it positions TEM to play an even greater role in empowering our clients to address climate change and provide solutions in addition to genuine, lasting impact across the communities we invest in.” says Executive Chairman and co-founder of TEM, Andrew Grant.

Visit TEM's Website

Image Credit: James Clark, Warrego Watchman

Climate Friendly

Climate Friendly is a leading project developer and manager of carbon farming projects under the Carbon Farming Initiative and have expertise across multiple methodologies and accreditation standards.

Climate Friendly manage over 100 projects, across five states and territories, which cover over 8 million hectares.

“As a ‘profit for purpose’ company, we measure our success by more than just our bottom line. Instead, we’re motivated by freedom and flexibility for carbon farmers, sustainability for the land, and a bright future for the next generation” Freddy Sharpe, CEO and Director.

Visit Climate Friendly's Website

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